My Work


All my shoes are handmade specifically for every foot of every horse I shoe. Horses (like people) are all individuals. They all have different needs when it comes to foot care. I believe that all trimming and shoeing is ‘remedial’ to an extent.

No horse is born with shoes on and not all horses require shoeing. I give as much care and attention to barefoot horses as I do to the ones that I shoe.

I shoe and trim for all types and for all disciplines. All shoeing styles can be undertaken. Such as surgical shoes, work shoes, alloy plates etc. However I do place welfare and comfort above gimmicks.

I am happy to work alongside vets and other equine professionals.

A clean and flat shoeing area is also desirable, as is a properly restrained and clean horse (relative to circumstance). This not only ensures the optimum efficiency of my work, but more importantly ensures the safety of the horse.

I cover Aberdeenshire. Please feel free to contact me even if you feel you exceed this area. All areas are considered.